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Aug 10, 2021

Austin American-Statesman Highlights New Law Increasing AED Availability

AED123 CEO Bobby Wehmeyer's guest column in the August 9 edition of the Austin American-Statesman helps spread the word about Senate Bill 199, a new state law that will increase the availability of AEDs at businesses and in other public places.

Bobby begins the piece, titled "An AED saved my dad — and a new law could help save others," by talking about the time an AED made a life-saving difference after his dad suffered cardiac arrest at a hotel restaurant. Fortunately, an AED was on site and it provided a life-saving shock to his dad's heart.

Now, with the passage of Senate Bill 199, Texas has removed some of the barriers that had kept more businesses from keeping AEDs on site. Considering the fact that an AED saves the life of someone experiencing cardiac arrest 90% of the time it is properly used, this new law has the potential to have a profoundly positive impact on our state.

Bobby writes in the piece, "Until Senate Bill 199 passed during this year’s legislative session, there were barriers that blocked many Texas restaurants, retail stores, churches and public places from making AEDs available. Those groups were often concerned with the legal liability that might have come from using the AED incorrectly — or not using it at all — when someone was suffering cardiac arrest. Many businesses and organizations figured the legal and financial risks were just too high. SB 199 will change that when it is enacted on Sept. 1. Authored by Sen. Jane Nelson of Flower Mound, it was unanimously supported by both parties, and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June. It eliminates the legal liabilities related to AEDs, freeing businesses and organizations from the fear of being sued for having them."

The new law also removes onerous employee training requirements to better align with modern AED technology, and it requires monthly inspections to ensure the devices are ready to work properly when they are suddenly needed.

SB 199 will take effect in less than a month, and we are working to make sure more businesses are aware that it is now easier for them to install AEDs. Please help us share this message so that more Texans who experience cardiac arrest are able to survive.

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