Last Updated: 5/9/2020

Below are sources of information shared on the website:

Statement: Sudden cardiac arrest is the most common cause of out-of-hospital death in the western world.
Reference: Best Practice British Medical Journal, Epidemiology of Cardiac Arrest

Statement: 400,000 Americans experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest each year.
Note: 600,000 Americans experience SCA each year (400,000 outside of the hospital and 200,000 in a hospital)
Reference: Institute of Medicine. 2015. Strategies to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival: A Time to Act. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

Statement: 9% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims are saved without an AED and 93% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims are saved with an AED.
Reference: The European Society of Cardiology. August 27, 2017. Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death.

Statement: With each minute that passes without an AED, the chances of the victim’s survival drop by 10%.
Reference: The European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation

Statement: Regulatory compliance includes documenting AED prescription/use/maintenance, registering the device with the EMS, providing physician oversight, training a group of users with a state-approved curriculum, testing the device regularly, maintaining the device in accordance with manufacturer guidelines...

Statement: 1 in 7 Americans will ultimately die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
Reference: The American Heart Association's 2018 Update to Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics

Statement: 32,000 Texans will die from SCA this year.
References and assumptions: 

Statement: 100% of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work in Texas have AEDs
Reference: Fortune Magazine’s 2020 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. AED123 contacted each company to confirm that they have AEDs.

Statement: On average AED123 has saved 1 life, per year, for every 116 AEDs that we manage
Reference: AED123 lookback study, accounting for all AEDs and lives saved by AED123 AEDs since AED123’s formation; study completed in March of 2020.

Statement: 46% of our new business comes through referrals from our existing customer base
Reference: AED123 lookback study, accounting for all AED service plans sold in 2020; study completed in May of 2020.

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