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Jun 15, 2021

New Texas Law Eliminates Liability for Businesses with AEDs

A newly approved law in Texas will make it easier for businesses and organizations to have functioning Automated External Defibrillators on site, which could vastly expand the availability of these live-saving devices throughout Texas.
Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 199 into law on June 14. Authored by Sen. Jane Nelson, this new law eliminates liability for businesses and organizations if someone goes into cardiac arrest and an AED was not used or not used properly. The new law also eliminates unrealistic requirements for employee training. Both the training and liability provisions have prevented many businesses from installing AEDs on site.
“Too many Texans die needlessly from cardiac arrest when they could be saved by AEDs,” said Bobby Wehmeyer, Founder and CEO of AED123. “With this new law, more businesses will want to have these devices on site, and that’s going to save lives. We appreciate the leadership of Senator Nelson in passing this sensible, bipartisan reform into law.”
Only 10 percent of the 20,000 people who experience cardiac arrest every day will survive. That rate can be increased to 90 percent with the rapid use of AEDs, which can be easily administered by bystanders, good Samaritans or employees at businesses, offices and other venues.
SB 199 also requires a simple monthly inspection to make sure each AED is ready for use, undamaged and placed in its designated location so it can be used immediately and effectively. 
AED123's full-service AED programs include monthly, documented, in-person maintenance and inspection services to ensure AEDs are compliant and ready for use.
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