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Before buying an AED, we recommend you consider a service plan that includes equipment.

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We sell all FDA-Approved AEDs


Physio-Control CR2 AEDs are elegant and easy-to-use, delivering rapid speed-to-shock. AED123 uses CR2s in Advanced and Performance AED Servic...

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Philips OnSite AEDs are straightforward and time-tested. AED123 uses Philips AEDs in Basic AED Service Plans.

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HeartSine AEDs are easy to understand and easy to maintain. AED123 uses Heartsine AEDs for large Corporate Programs.

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ZOLL AEDs provide CPR feedback, with low ongoing maintenance costs.

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Defibtech AEDs have large handles and rubberized surfaces to improve durability and grip when carrying.

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Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs are rugged and intuitive.

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Specialized Cabinets

AED123 offers a variety of functional, stylish, and compliant cabinets to meet any requirements.

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